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We can finally understand human potential

Matrix-Q DNA e-Test

  • The Matrix-Q DNA is a unique code that describes your conscious capacity and subconscious potential.

  • Similar to your biological DNA, the Matrix-Q DNA can be triggered, edited, repaired, modified, maintained, protected and enhanced. 

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e-Learning Program

e-Trainer App

GO LIVE!  in Summer 2019

Effective Communication

The Matrix-Q Communication Method for Teams


& Data-Driven e-TRAINER App

Actionable Communication

It is an intuitive communication method that helps you optimize your team's  communication process and create an actionable outcome.

    INCLUDED in the e-Learning Program

    • Communication skills e-Test

    • Matrix-Q Mindset DNA e-Test

    • Tailor-made advise to improve your communication skills.

    • e-Trainer :  Communication skills - automated training tool.

    • Monthly new e-Training Content

    • Share with us about your communication and collaboration challenges before we GO LIVE and earn a gift of 9 Matrix-Q Tokens** (discount coupons).
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    Matrix-Q Actionable Communication Method Download.010
    Matrix-Q Actionable Communication Method Download.012
    Matrix-Q Actionable Communication Method Download.011
    Matrix-Q Actionable Communication Method Download.013
    Matrix-Q Actionable Communication Method Download.014
    Matrix-Q Actionable Communication Method Download.015
    Matrix-Q Actionable Communication Method Download.016
    Matrix-Q Actionable Communication Method Download.017
    Matrix-Q Actionable Communication Method Download.018
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    Hybrid Workshop

    GO LIVE!  in Summer 2019

    The next Level

    The Matrix-Q Communication Method for Teams


    Why is your team's communication process not effective enough ?

    We bring you and your team to the next level of emotionally intelligent actionable communication and creativity.

    • You will learn how to unleash your powers of communication, collaboration, creativity and innovation.

    • Tips and tricks, for the use of the automated Matrix-Q Communication e-Trainer and the Matrix-Q DNA App.

    Unleash your power of communication, collaboration, creativity and innovation.

    The Hybrid Workshop design focus on facilitating a fun-experience of learning.

    Attendees will enjoy of two kinds of learning activities:

    • human-2-human (organic)
    • human-2-machine (V.R., Media, Smart Apps, e-Games & e-Learning) digital interactive learning.


    • Tailor made design, according to your communication challenges and needs.
    • Customers may combine content from the following 4 focus categories:


    • Online or in-premises, indoors and outdoors
    • Share with us about your communication and collaboration challenges before we GO LIVE and earn a gift of 9 Matrix-Q Tokens** (discount coupons).

    Included in the workshop fees


    • e-Learning Program : Matrix-Q Effective   Communication 
    • Smart App : Communication e-Trainer
    • e-Test Actionable Communication
    • e-Test  Matrix-Q DNA  ( 1 year Subscription)
    • e-Wokbook : Matrix-Q Mind-Set DNA -The Fibonacci-Harmonizer 


    • Gamified, serious playing, fun and transformative.
    • Learning by doing, by playing, by solving challenges.


    • Length and content vary according to customer preferences from 45 min to full days of (9 hrs.)
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    Matrix-Q Tickets x500.001

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    What can you purchase with Matrix-Q Tickets ?

    • e-workbooks
    • Smart apps subscriptions
    • e-learning programs
    • Hybrid workshops
    • Tailor made advise

    Purchase 10 Matrix-Q Tickets for the price of 9

    10 Tickets = 800.00 EUR / user*

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    *HUMAN POTENTIAL RESEARCH by the Matrix-Q Research Institute

    • After 27 years of multidisciplinary research we can finally understand the human potential. 
    • The Matrix-Q DNA results provided by the e-test are non-conclusive. For a high precision testing process please contact us. welcome@matrix-q.com 
    • Research by the Matrix-Q Research Institute www.matrix-q.com  
    • The Matrix-Q DNA e-Test version Alpha is a "Test-Version" only. The Matrix-Q Research Institute can not ensure the information and outcome generated by the Alpha version of the app to be tottally accurate or sufficient. 
    • The Matrix-Q Research Institute  (Stichting LDMF) and MQ9 [ Matrix-Quotient 9]  Solutions B.V. are  not liable for any damage created to third party by the user's ability to utilize the information and outcome, results, of  the e-test. 
    • For more detils about the Matrix-Q DNA test research studies, commercial use licenses, certificates and memberships  please contact us.

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