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MQ9 Products & Services


  • All MQ9 [Matrix-Quotient 9] Solutions B.V. products and services have been developed by applying Matrix-Q Knowledge, Tools, Skills and Technology.
  • Research & Development by the Matrix-Q Research Institute 1993-2019.
  • MQ9 [Matrix-Quotient 9] Solutions B.V. is holder of exclusive licenses for commercial use of Matrix-Q Products.

Product Release

  • Learn by playing on the cloud with V.R.: tailor-made content for leadership, with the support of a customized A.I. Virtual Coach. [Demo Release 2019.January]



Matrix-Q Thinking Outside of the Box


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  • Protection the investment in human capital: we provide quantification of human capital value, maintenance, prevention & enhancement.


  • Skills Gap, Knowledge Absorption Solutions: We provide Face 2 Face (F2F) trainings, F2F Gamified Learning, learning process coaching, cloud based learning programs (e-learning), and V.R. (Virtual Reality) gamified learning.


  • Increase of the value of the human capital and of the organization with our human capital enhancement solution  [Added Value].


  • Communication & Collaboration Solutions.   


  • Family-Life-Work Balance Solutions


  • Gender Equality & Women Empowerment , Co-creativity Solutions [SDG5]


  • Integration of SDGs (sustainable development goals) in theorganization [SDG Compliant]  SDGs 3,4,5,8,9,10,11,12,16 & 17


  • Effective Strategic Leadership Training Program


  • Systemic & Holistic Strategic Management. 


  • Human Capital Complexity Management Solutions: Assessment of cultural skills and multicultural teams value . Assessment of multi-disciplinary collaboration skills and multidisciplinary teams value  [Added Value]


Experiential Gamified Coaching

F2F & Online

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  • Service modalities:
  • [Individual] personalized coaching (1 session = 1x53 min )
  • [Group Coaching]  up to 8 attendees (1 session = 2x53 min )
  • [Full Day Coaching] All products and services, complete support, tailored made content  (1 session = 10x53 min along 1 day )
  • [Assessment]  Identification of goals, assessment of challenges and resources, skills and experience; up to 9 sessions (1 session = 2x53 min )
  • [e-Coaching] Online coaching platform which provides a digital coaching process environment and products: e-learning materials, online skype sessions or telephone sessions, e-mail coaching. ( 3 months up to 12 months service)


Training, Evaluation, Certification

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  • MQ9 is an authorized partner of the Matrix-Q Research Institute. We provide training, evaluation and certification for Matrix-Q Knowledge and Skills licenses in fields: Education, Coaching, Training, Consultancy, Matrix-Q Thinking, Brain GYM, and others.


Online Game

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  • BIZNETʟ D.A.R.P. GAME ( Digital Action Role Play Game )
  • Set up for a chapter of up to 27 players.
  • Matrix-Q Business Skills Applied to gamified case study.
  • Chapter mentor and coach included.


Online Tests

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  • Matrix-Q Human Capital Self-Assessment Tests online.
  • Matrix-Q Data Generation Tools


Order a tailored made product today.

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  • [V.R. Learning] Learn by playing on the cloud with V.R.: tailor-made content for leadership, with the support of a customized A.I. Virtual Coach. [Demo Release in Dec. 2018] 
  • [e-learning] Gamified learning online [To be released in 2018]
  • [apps] Matrix-Q Tools [To be released in 2019]
  • [games] Matrix-Q Games Online & LARP [To be released in 2020]
  • [artificial intelligence] Matrix-Q A.I. Data Generation, A.I. Engines Applications; machine learning [To be released in 2022]



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  • Courses are provided in two modalities:
  • [Weekly / bi-weekly / monthly] 8 gamified experiential training sessions ( 1 session = 3x53 min)
  • [Full Weekend] Friday-Saturday and Sunday ( 26 training units facilitated in one weekend )
  • List of courses available:




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  • Provided in 5 modalities.
  • [Personalized] Small study circles of up to 8 attendees. (1 session = 3x53 min )
  • [Presentations] Gamified Presentations: up to 100 attendees. (1 Presentation = 2x53 min)
  • [Leaders] CxO Power Leadership Training: up to 3 attendees (1 session = 1x53 min )
  • [Season] Continuous training within one season ( 1 package = 3 months )
  • [Outdoors] up to 54 attendees ( 1 package = 3 months, 1 session = 2x53 min )
  • [Tailored made] Content designed according to customer needs (after assessment or consultancy) or pre set courses (below).

Presentations and trainings at the MQ9 Akademy [URL]

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